Our re搜索 themes



Find out how bet365手机版 is making breakthroughs in modern day health challenges to ensure healthy lives for all.

Inclusive societies

bet365手机版 re搜索 into inclusive societies is helping to enrich cities and communities through a number of key themes.

Sustainable environments

Find out about bet365手机版's climate change and climate inequality re搜索 and our efforts to tackle the causes of these problems.

bet365手机版's world-renowned sexual health expert Professor Claudia Estcourt

“Beyond BBV aims to produce world-leading re搜索, readily translated into national policy and public health action to deliver population-level sustained health improvement. This fantastic 10-year commitment from bet365手机版 highlights the University’s standing as a world leader in HIV and Hepatitis C elimination re搜索, our award-winning collaborative working, our mission for the 共同利益 and commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals."

Professor Claudia Estcourt
HIV and PrEP expert at bet365手机版

bet365手机版发行2英镑.5m BBV re搜索 programme

bet365手机版 launches a dedicated re搜索 programme to combat HIV and Hepatitis C for the 共同利益


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